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Scored some new audio equipment… thought I’d share my initial impressions. The Schwag: Schiit Bifrost DAC Schiit Lyr Headphone Amp   PC Description: Sandy Bridge 3960X cpu Asus P9X79 Deluxe motherboard  (Realtek ALC898 sound chip) Nvidia GTX690 video Windows 7-64bit   Unboxing and setting up the Schiit gear (yep, it IS pronounced SHIT…   www.schiit.com) is […]

Kaepernick remedial?

Labeling Colin Kaepernick’s passing performance as “remedial” is a perfect example of remedial sports journalism. Kaepernick is in season 1.5 mode…  he has officially completed a full season, and even has a few playoff games under his belt.  His performance overall has been impressive.  However, San Francisco’s struggles at wideout continue this year.  An older […]

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